Sunday, August 18, 2013

Strange But True Facts About The NFL

Here are some strange but true scientific facts about the NFL and it's games!

1. On average NFL wide receivers run at 18 miles per hour.  After catching the ball, the speed cn actually increase!

2. Defensive linemen who weigh more than 300 pounds can tackle a runner with a force of 1,600 pounds!

3. On average, NFL quarterbacks can throw the ball from 55 to 70 yards in the air.  A few can even throw it further!

4. The fastest 40 yard dash ever recorded at the NFL Combine was 4.24 seconds by Chris Johnson, who plays for the Tennessee Titans.

5. At the NFL Combine, the average player can lift 225 pounds, 30 times in the bench press.

6. A helmet to helmet hit can create a force of 100Gs.

7. Statistics experts say, during the coin flip, there is actually a 2% better chance of heads than tails, if the heads side is up when flipped.

8. The ball speed on an NFL kickoff or field goal attempt can reach 80 mph.

9. The average punt has a "hang time" of 4.5 seconds.

10. The average NFL receiver has a vertical leap of between 30 and 40 inches.

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