Saturday, October 19, 2013

Did Someone Die In Your House?

Have you ever wondered if those creaks and thumps you've heard at night in your house is a ghost?  Have you ever thought about buying a house but wondered if there were secrets you didn't know about it?  Well now there's a website which claims to tell you if someone died in your home prior to your buying it, or if someone died at a home at a certain address.....for a fee of course.

The website is called  It says real estate agents and sellers are not required to tell a potential buyer if a death occurred at a home they're trying to sell.  That much is true!  Though a search, and for a fee, it will tell you indeed there was a death at that address and when.  The website claims if someone died in the house, it can adversely affect it's value, in addition to possibly giving you an idea of those noises are just in your head, or not!