Monday, December 23, 2013

100 Foot Jump, On A Snowmobile!

Check out this 100 foot jump by Dan Treadway on a snowmobile in British Columbia! Unbelievable!

Flying With An Eagle

Ever wondered what it would be like to fly like an eagle? Check out THIS eagle, fitted with a GoPro camera, flying over the French Alps.

Road Rage: Caught On Video

Watch this video from Russian as road rage is caught on tape! A motorcyclist feels he is cut off on traffic and goes after the driver of a car, knockikng his mirror off and trying to get him to stop, BUT the car's driver has a surprise for HIM!

Seal Tries To Snuggle With Duck Hunters

Cute video as a baby seal climbs into a boat with duck hunters in Massachusetts and tries to "snuggle" with one of the hunters!

40 Pound Barracuda Jumps In Fishing Boat

Great video from Tales From The Outdoors and Kevin Faver near St. Augustine, Florida, as a 40 lb Barracuda jumps in a fishing boat and begins thrashing around!

Marlin Jumps In Boat, Man Jumps OUT!

Great fishing video as a large marlin jumps in the boat while fishing, and a man jumps OUT!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When Cats Attack: Housecats Attacking People, Pitbulls and an Alligator! (VIDEO)

Think cats are all soft, fuzzy and loving? Think again! Cats can be vicious! Watch these cats attack people, a pitbull and even an alligator!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Massive Pile Up Involving Dozens Of Vehicles, Caught On Video!

Check out this massive pileup near Germantown, Wisconsin, Sunday, caught on video, involving dozens of vehicles.  At least one driver was reportedly killed in the chain reaction crash, blamed on drivers following too closely, and driving too fast.

Safety officials remind everyone driving on ice and snow to leave plenty of space between yourself and other vehicles, slow down and do not get out of your vehicle if an accident occurs until it's safe to do so.