Monday, July 22, 2013

Strange But True Facts About Women

The average height of a woman in the U.S. is approximately 5 feet 4 inches, and the average weight is about 163 pounds.

 In almost every country worldwide, the life expectancy for women is higher than for men.

 There are roughly four million more women than men in the U.S. In the age 85-and-older category, there are more than twice as many women as men currently living in the U.S.

Approximately 95% of all women in the U.S. have been married at least once by the age of 55.

The most common cause of death for American women is heart disease, which causes just over 27% of all deaths in females. Cancer ranks just below, causing 22% of female deaths

Depression is the most common cause of disability in women, and approximately 25% of all women will experience severe depression at some point in their lives.

 Approximately one in five women worldwide reports being sexually abused before the age of 15.

 Over 90% of all cases of eating disorders occur in women, and nearly seven million women in the U.S. currently suffer from anorexia nervosa or bulimia.

 Women are nearly twice as likely to be blind or visually impaired as men.

More American women work in the education, health services, and social assistance industries than in any other industry. These three industries employ nearly one-third of all female workers.

The average woman owns more than 25 pairs of shoes.

During her lifetime, the average woman eats between 4.5 and 6.5 pounds of lipstick.

The average woman spends about 120 hours a year looking at herself in the mirror.

The breasts of human women are much larger in proportion than those of other female mammals. The prominent size, while not necessary for milk production, is most likely a result of sexual selection.

 The two highest IQs ever recorded on a standard test both belong to women.

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